I am so glad that I’m not wearing high heels to ExPlay and other thoughts


You see that broken heel? Whilst hopefully not an omen of things to come, it made me realise – whilst I was off to Truro train station in order to get to Plymouth – that I’m glad that I don’t consider high heels an acceptable form of footwear.

Just look at it there, all snapped off and no party to go to. That heel was also snapped off on one of the most steep hills in Truro. It made me realise that I’m glad that I’ve decided to dress in my normal way than try to become mutton dressed as lamb.

I may be in clothes that I find comfortable to wear, but I am nervous as hell. I’ve got two big interviews to conduct while I’m at the Extended Play Interactive Festival. The only people I’ve interviewed before are humanists, funeral directors, right to die campaigners and two small games developers.

The first ExPlay interview is tonight after the opening keynote and the second is on Saturday morning. All my coverage is for BeefJack.

One thing I had been worried about before catching the train today was my lack of respectable business cards. There was a scene, almost as if it were from an action movie, of my mum powering up to the barrier at the station to hand over my cards ten minutes before the train.

The cards had arrived twenty minutes previously at my house. My parents knew how important the cards were to me and sped them to the station. This of course means that my mum is more awesome than Angelina Jolie.


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