The build up to the GTAV trailer was unbearable, now time to analyse it

Wasn't for me, but apparently it was for everyone else.

This afternoon saw the release of the inaugural trailer for Grand Theft Auto V. I made sure to brew myself a cuppa before sitting down at Paul’s desktop to check the thing out. After all, one needs a good stiff drink before watching such things.

Here’s the trailer:

So, once the trailer went live, what did we learn?

There will be sunshine, sand and waves.

One of the locations... it's all looking a bit like L.A. at this point.

Finally, some dodgy looking blokes with guns.

Homeless people, eh?

A house that's been repossessed perhaps?

Ah, that Hollywood, sorry, Vinewood glamour that we were missing up to this point.

So, we’ve got a game about a guy who tries to reform, but in the end his past catches up with him and he turns back to crime. The game is set in a re-imagining of Los Angeles (San Andreas territory) and Hollywood. Rockstar North have decided to add a contemporary feel to the narrative by including elements related to the recession that is currently going on in the real world – some social commentary may be heading our way.

At the end of the day, I know what’s going to happen. I’ll watch Paul play it for a few hours and then get incredibly bored – unless Rockstar North have really gone for the narrative jugular this time round – more so than in IV.

And in case you couldn’t already tell: I’m not excited by the prospect of this game. Not that I’m in Rockstar North’s target demographic, I’m sure.

But are you excited about this game and why? Comment below and let me know.


One thought on “The build up to the GTAV trailer was unbearable, now time to analyse it

  1. The GTA:V trailer made me feel like a kid again. I smiled from ear to ear excited as hell. Can’t wait.

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