I hate fixing my own laptop – especially right before heading out of county to cover games events

Today, my laptop's Wi-Fi adapter decided to fail on me, I feel betrayed.

While I have previously gone on about sorting out bits of tech for family members, I hate nothing more than sorting out my own technology woes. It just seems that whenever I am personally affected by failing technology that my stress levels decide to skyrocket and I go longing for an age where computers – and perhaps even people – didn’t exist.

Today, the in-built Wi-Fi adapter on my laptop/notebook computer decided that it would no longer work. The blue light in the picture above indicates that it is turned on and has power, but nothing more than that.

Now of course it could just be a simple case of Windows doing that annoying thing it has a habit of doing – forgetting drivers for hardware for no apparent reason. In which case, my panic to back up every single document, picture, music track and font of importance may not be needed, as it might just need Paul to install new drivers on the system. However, un-reassuringly, the adapter isn’t coming up in the devices list at all.

This leads me on to thinking that the problem may in fact be far more serious, in which case my task of backing up data on to an external hard drive plus DVD-Rs won’t seem so over zealous. ‘Cause if the problem is more serious and not even fixed with a system re-install, then I’m going to have to call up the lot I’ve got a warranty out with for this machine and have them take it away and fix it.

On top of backing up data, after all that is done, I will have try and connect my PC up to the net via an Ethernet cable so that I can deactivate several software packages.

But what the problem with all this really, really is – I’m meant to be off to ExPlay (Extended Play Interactive Festival) for three days from tomorrow. There, I’m meant to be providing coverage for BeefJack, which includes two big interviews with important members of the UK games industry.

And if things don’t go well when Paul takes a look at my laptop later this evening, I’ll be covering my first major games event without a laptop in tow, meaning I’ll have to wait until after I get back from Plymouth to transcribe everything. At least I have my smartphone, dictaphone and a DSLR camera, plus an old fashioned pen and pad of paper  – but I’m not going to be able to upload any serious content whilst I’m there, which is a pain.


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