I felt so underwhelmed and bored today that I decided to start learning Python

I put together a simple program that could count to 100.

I actually started the day playing The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, but I was in a funky mood and soon tired of playing it. When I’ve completed another temple, I’ll probably do another “day in Hyrule” post. In the meantime, I decided to start teaching myself Python in what felt like a hunger to fill my brain with something kind of useful.

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Leftist academic agenda about “cryptofascist” Hollywood doesn’t do anything

My argument for why a recent article on the Guardian website about Frank Miller kind of missed the mark.

Sometimes I give up trying to deal with old uni acquaintances who were so drawn in by the left vs right propaganda argument in mainstream media that they look down on almost all popular media. The above picture was a comment I left on a friend’s wall after they linked to this opinion piece about Frank Miller over on the Guardian’s website.

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Marvel Zombies is perhaps one of the scariest zombie franchises I’ve ever read


I read, watch and play a lot of stuff in the err, zombie sub-genre of horror. But this evening I was actually horrified by what happened in the first part of the Marvel Zombies saga, Marvel Zombies: Dead Days. This was my first encounter with the franchise.

And I think I may be having nightmares tonight.

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Really enjoying the third season of Misfits

Some of the best SF on television I've ever seen.

Forget the last season of Doctor Who or Torchwood on BBC. The series that has been showcasing just how good British SF on telly can be is the current series of Misfits over on Channel 4. While I found the former two shows severely lacking in coherent plots and properly distributed drama, the latest season of Misfits has been keeping pretty entertaining.

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Getting there with storyboarding my graphic novel Displaced – the first week

End of the first chapter.

It may not be of the quality of my favourite comic book artists – Sean Murphy for instance – but I believe what I’ve been drawing will at least convey the basics of what I want with each panel of Displaced. Been just over a week since I started drawing and I think I’ll be able to complete the lot, having just finished chapter one last night.

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