Have given up on speech recognition for now


So, the speech recognition experiment has ended for now. I caved in on Thursday. I’d been half-talking half-shouting at my laptop for most of the day and I finally had enough.

Microsoft’s speech recognition software for Vista and Windows 7 is just not up to the task. Even though it had had a good chance to get use to my voice, I had to talk to it in such a robotic manner than my own voice sounded alien to me and was a distraction.

And having to keep telling it to correct words was a pain as well. Basically, I finished typing the outline for The Melancholy of Agatha Sue by hand. And I’ve spent today redrafting it by using my hands to type.

I think if I’d gotten to scriptwriting stage and was still relying on speech recognition… I think I would have gone mad as I would have had to dictate to Notepad, copy that into Final Draft and then format everything.

I did film me trying to use the speech recognition software for part of one morning and I may edit it into a funny video. I was tricked by the software at one point when I was trying to get Final Draft to work with it.

And I’m still in pain with RSI. I think I may have to invest in Dragon before the year is out.


One thought on “Have given up on speech recognition for now

  1. Before giving up completely, you might like to try “Dragon Naturally Speaking” (Google the term). It is commercial, but can be tried for free. MS/Windows speech rec is useless.
    A colleague who works as a professional transcrider/proofreader/editor uses Dragon regularly. But remember, no speech to text app is perfect, and they all have to be ‘trained’.

    Good luck with the writing

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