Playing DOOM for the first time

I was a tad too young to play this when it was originally released.

Tomorrow, well, in just over nine hours we’ll be filming the third episode of Kill/Screen. Due to a heavy focus on the earlier days of the FPS genre in this month’s episode, I’ve been doing my homework. This has involved playing id Software’s DOOM, reading up on Wolfenstein 3D and having flashbacks to when I’ve played Quake.

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, I’ve got some RSI problems in my shoulders at the moment. So playing DOOM on my laptop has been a bit of painful process despite dosing myself on pain meds. Certainly when we film on Monday I think anyone watching the subsequent footage will notice that I might be doing my best impression of John McCain.

I also want to add that my RSI is the result of using my laptop and gaming a lot lately. I’ve been trying to sit properly, rest and exercise my limbs as much as possible, but it hasn’t stopped the world of pain I’m currently in.

Anyway. Playing DOOM for the first time. It’s been an intriguing experience. Mainly ’cause I had to read about the game’s plot via Wikipedia in order to have any real idea of what the hell was going on. I’m finding it a strange experience to be playing a shooting game without having story thrown at me all the time. And I know Quake wasn’t exactly narrative led, but when you’re used to games from the last ten years more than the last eighteen, it makes a real difference to how you appreciate an older game’s style.

In some ways I was finding it easier to play than more modern first person shooter titles on the equivalent difficulty. Not that I felt like cranking up the difficulty loads. I had my shoulders and sanity to think about.

Generally it was far more frantic than I had been expecting. A great deal more frantic. Or maybe that’s just me. I couldn’t help jumping at just about every enemy that slunk into view. Then again, for a game that’s as old as DOOM, it’s probably a true testament to its calibre if it can still make someone as desensitized as me jump.

Unsure if I’ll play more before bed. Don’t want to have any nightmares.


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