Handmade presents are awesome! (kinda)


This week – due to a lack of funds or ideas – has seen me resort to one of my old modes of desperation when it comes to presents… knitting stuff. Bookmarks specifically.

I’ve already made one for a friend and I’m now trying to make one for my Gran. However, with some really painful RSI in my right shoulder, it has now become a rather tortuous and pain filled endeavour.

My Gran’s birthday is tomorrow. So long as I can work through the pain, she should hopefully have a new bookmark to keep her place when she’s reading Mills and Boon. Also, as the person who taught me how to knit, I think she’ll appreciate the delicate diamond brocade pattern that will run down the front of the bookmark.

So, handmade presents are awesome when they’re for people who can appreciate the effort that’s gone in to them.

Sadly, I did once knit a neck warmer for an Aunt, but she didn’t appreciate it at all. There was no thank you or anything. I tried not to take it too hard as the Aunt in question is mentally handicapped, but it did make me feel sad that she didn’t show any real acknowledgment of it, especially as she was very happy with a lot of her other presents that Christmas.

Oh well.


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