Cornwall Council cabinet meeting frets over typos

Discussion during the examination of the Cornwall Core Strategy draft hit upon important issues...

This morning was the first time I decided to avail myself of watching/listening in on Cornwall Council’s live webcasting. Local politics and council policies are things that I find interesting and I just happened to have both of my ears free this morning to pay some attention to the cabinet meeting that was being broadcast.

As I type this post, the meeting is still going on. Yet there was one thing that really annoyed me: there were people complaining about typos on a draft report. Alright, alright, what really annoyed me was that time was wasted on complaining about typos.

I’m pretty damn sure that there are more important things the people in the chamber could have been discussing in relation to drafting Cornwall’s Core Strategy. And they did sorta get on with things a bit.

What Cornwall Council seems really good at avoiding and talking about – when it comes to affordable housing and Cornwall – is that the system the Council is pushing for is not appealing to private developers. At least that’s what I’ve heard.

Every time I talk to my Dad about affordable housing in the county, he chuckles wryly (he’s an architectural technologist and knows a lot about these things) and says:

“It’ll never work.”

From what I can understand, the Council isn’t putting a framework forward that will enable private developers (well meaning ones who want to contribute to helping the housing shortage) to build affordable homes. None of it’s cost effective for them.

I’d also say that the Council is ignoring what under-40s need in terms of housing. Because pay is so low for many in the county, many want to be able to just rent, not buy. Home ownership isn’t a huge concern – but having a roof over your head in the area you work or your family and friends live is.

Still, those typos eh?

Probably should pay the 35 hours a week secretary that typed the thing up more than £14,000 a year.


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