Doing some research on the Duke Nukem Forever UK launch party for a speculative TV script

Research is important. Very important.

As I mentioned last week, I’m working on a script idea set in the real world for once. However, while I’m knowledgeable on quite a bit of what my idea is about, there are some gaps in my repertoire of knowledge that I needed filled in. Like:

What the bloody hell was it like to be at the UK launch for Duke Nukem Forever?

Thankfully, we have this thing called the internet and social media platforms like Twitter:

Handy for quick bits of crowd sourced research when you’re trying to put a script together. While I’m only outlining this week, I wanted to be sure that I had enough background info in order to plot the course of events that would happen in my take on the party where some huge turning points happen.

I’m planning to have this one hour drama script’s inciting incident at a party reminiscent of the one for Forever. The real launch party was rather unconventional, so getting some real accounts of what happened helps the writing process somewhat.

A couple of people have already got back to me some useful info and promises of info. A big thanks to Spilt Milk Studio, Stephen Ebert (who’s email account is wonderful), and Chin Soon Sun for the video below:

And thanks to everyone who retweeted my info request yesterday. If you feel like you have a unique perspective on what happened at the party, please feel free to get in touch via the comments below or @ me on Twitter via ek6891.

So the script itself is a speculative style script to get on that C4 mentor scheme thing. As I’ve decided to stick to writing what I know about, I’m writing about a videogames journalist. The drama is titled The Melancholy of Agatha Sue. And that’s all the detail I’m happy with going into on here.

Obviously I’ll let you all know if I manage to get on to the scheme.


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