The boss fights in Deus Ex: Human Revolution almost ruined the game for me


Finally, I have completed my first play through of Deus Ex: Human Revolution. I’ve been playing it on and off since the game’s release in August. It was my go-to game for fun in between reviewing other games.

And while I enjoyed a great deal of the game’s content, from its cyberpunk inspired story to being able to customise Jensen to suit my playing style… the game, as many have complained, didn’t truly support sneaking playing styles, because of how the boss fights would go down.

Having been sold on the idea of being able to play the game however I wanted, being compelled to resort to brute force tactics in the boss fights left me somewhat unimpressed. The illusion of choice ended here and those who didn’t have big guns on them were left hunting for some in the area you had to throw down in.

Last month, Eidos Montreal and co. admitted that they had outsourced the creation of the boss fights to another company. Grip Entertainment had been behind the boss fights.

I’m actually finding it a tad unacceptable that Eidos Montreal didn’t keep a closer eye on what Grip were doing. Obviously a design brief was involved somewhere down the line, but the boss fights feel so out of place.

I think the fact that killing bosses that you can’t talk down doesn’t affect acquiring the Pacifist achievement suggests – to me – that the boss fights weren’t what Eidos Montreal were expecting either. They had to discount those fights.

But the above paragraph is pure speculation. After all, whenever a game has choice, it’s really just the illusion of choice. We are still being put down a maze where only one corner has the cheese. All possibilities cannot be accounted for.

I hate the illusion of choice, but I love it at the same time.

By the time of the second to last boss, I was really regretting my choice of being someone who didn’t specialise in big guns and stuff that goes “BOOM!”. It was not fun. And that’s why the boss fights almost ruined the game for me, because they stripped away the joy I had been experiencing while playing.


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