Westboro Baptist Church use iPhones but plan to picket Steve Jobs’s funeral

C'mon, ffs...

(Would have used the link for the Tweet and done thingy pie that WP has, but this is more permanent.)

Unfortunately, some of the worst excuses for Christians are planning on picketing Steve Jobs’s funeral. I’m kinda hoping that they’re not allowed near it. Not that I revere Steve Jobs, even since his passing, but these guys are sick.

Obviously the people of this particular church would have issues with Jobs from a religious perspective i.e. Jobs didn’t believe in any deities in the sky as far as I can tell. And he had a popular line of products that made him far more influential then (hopefully) these hate mongerers ever will be.

And as can be seen by the above image, despite their hatred of the man, they use his products. The hypocrisy of this is truly fecking ridiculous. It’s akin to when I hear British racists moan about Europe and stuff being made in China, but they still buy Spanish tomatoes and TVs made in China.

If this lot succeed in picketing Steve Jobs’s funeral, then I think someone really needs to picket them back.

Oh, and for the record, I’m not fond of Apple’s products, as one of my first blog posts can attest to.


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