Want to “love” Google+ but Google need to get their arse in gear when it comes to their app


I’m probably one of the few people I know who tends to check Google+ at least once a day. I either do this through my PC or my HTC Wildfire and the Google+ app. It’s been going pretty well, but I’m beginning to get a little fed-up with the app.

Earlier today I had to update the Google Mail app on my phone, but found that it wouldn’t do it, ’cause of memory issues. I had a look at what I had installed, saw that Google+ was using over 11MB on my phone and decided to temporarily remove G+ from my phone in order to update Mail. After all, I use Google Mail a heck of a lot.

Once Mail was updated, I went to re-download G+ from the Marketplace, only to find that I couldn’t. So, I went onto Marketplace via my PC and found that the current version of the app (1.0.7) is incompatible with my smartphone. I had been running 1.0.6.

After bemoaning my problem on G+, one of the guys in my circles (Damien McFerran) helped me find a site that I could download the previous version from. So I did. And now my phone is complaining about low memory.

Yet I would not have this problem if Google had made 1.0.7 compatible with the HTC Wildfire. Because that version can be moved to SD Card.

To compare with phones running Android: Facebook’s current app does work with my phone and takes up less memory. However it also cannot be moved to SD. In fact, few of the main social media apps (the official ones) can be moved to SD on smartphones. Interestingly Skype, Foursquare and the WordPress apps can be moved to SD.

A part of me expects Google to try and lead on this front, as it’s a tad ridiculous when my basic, but diverse, smartphone can’t run their current app for G+. And I want to use G+ from my phone, but with the previous version eating up 11MB, I am now about to uninstall it.

This wouldn’t be so much of a loss if the mobile browser version of Plus would let me post photos to my stream, but I can’t. Annoyingly, Facebook’s mobile web version does allow for photos.

I want to love Google+, but today I am finding it incredibly difficult to do so.


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