Thoughts on Doctor Who and The Wedding of River Song

Someone get him a shaver!

With the conclusion of Steve Moffat’s second season at the helm of the BBC’s Doctor Who, I’m still feeling a bit “meh” at the whole season. I finally got round to watching it last night, was busy chilling with people on Saturday night when it was on.

Note: why am I considering it as one season? Well, that break in the middle was just that – a break, ’cause when they started airing earlier this year they hadn’t finished all of production and post-production.


I think Moffat’s interpretation of Doctor Who has essentially seen viewers become involved in an elaborate version of the Generation Game, where you have to remember everything that appears on the conveyor part of the show. Though in the case of the current interpretation of Doctor Who, this means remembering each little quirky thing that becomes a big feature in a single episode.

You’ll need to remember each single niggling bit or else you’ll be wondering where the hell plot devices appeared from when they appear in the final episode of the season. Sure it was a bit like this with Russel T. Davies running the show, but it’s become even more pronounced under Moffat.

Also, knowing that the BBC could never afford to properly kill-off Doctor Who made the prospect of his death this entire season somewhat null and void. Though perhaps the average viewer wouldn’t be aware of this, so they would be properly on tender hooks until the end.

Now, in the next season I want to see two particular improvements:

  • No Daleks or Cybermen for an entire season.
  • No “the Doctor is truly the one in jeopardy”.

Unfortunately, I think they might have a problem with incorporating that second one. At least, with this whole “the first question” mega story arc the writing team seem to be shooting for.

Regardless of what happens, I’ll still end up watching it.


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