The mad script dash

Opening of Relativity

The weekend saw me race to finish a short film script for a competition that a friend had sent me a link for earlier last week. With a deadline of yesterday, I felt incredibly nervous as I hit the “submit” button on the submissions page on Sunday afternoon.

I didn’t just have to write a script, the entry requirements also included a demand for a synopsis and a writing CV. I’d finished a third draft of the script on Friday, so I spent most of Sunday afternoon trying to get my head round putting together a synopsis and a CV.

The CV was the easier part of the whole enterprise. Now the synopsis… I was able to condense down the events of Relativity, the short film script I submitted, to something coherent that also sounded interesting, but it took a long time. With the deadline for this thing fast approaching, I was worried that I wouldn’t finish the synopsis in time.

I think the lesson here is that if you’re submitting a script (or whatever) to a writing competition or anything that involves a deadline – make sure you leave enough time to put a synopsis together if they want one. It can take longer than you think to boil down the essence of your tale onto a page.

And speaking of submissions… Channel 4 are currently looking for some original TV drama writing for a course they’ll be running next year. The script idea I’m working on to at least try and get on the course is not a SF (science fiction) idea, which is unusual for me, but I’ve got a more “real world” scenario that I’ve wanted to play with. The deadline for that is 1st November 2011, but the submission doesn’t need to include a synopsis, but you still need a CV.


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