My ideal Halloween

The pumpkin I carved for my little brother yesterday.

Halloween – or the weekend before it – usually sees me trooping off to a Halloween party. Despite plenty of invites, I haven’t done that this year as, until half-an-hour ago, I was busy working on a script (The Melancholy of Agatha Sue). The script is now done and dusted until anyone has any interest in it.

Now, what do I do with myself now that I have the rest of Halloween to look forward to when I’ve already carved a pumpkin? What is my ideal Halloween when I’m too emotionally drained to leave the house? Continue reading


Has no one else noticed how Cornwall Council’s cuts have been a tad sexist?

Well, they do seem a little sexist.

It has been suggested that various cuts by central government and local governments have been disproportionately affecting women more than men. Part of this has been due to the fact that more women work in the public sector than men. Another piece of this is down to public services being cut, which women tend to rely on more than men.

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Why the hell would anyone want to buy Milky the Bunny for their kid this Christmas?

Surely, the face of evil?

When I saw this thing on television this morning – it made a brief appearance on the Wright Stuff before they dissolved into predictable misinformed debate about legal highs – I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

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Have given up on speech recognition for now


So, the speech recognition experiment has ended for now. I caved in on Thursday. I’d been half-talking half-shouting at my laptop for most of the day and I finally had enough.

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Attempting to use Microsoft speech recognition software has been a bit of a pain

It is not going to plan.

My continuing trials with my shoulders means that I have been trying to use the speech recognition software that Microsoft bundled with Vista and also appears in Windows 7. In fact I am typing this very blog post using Microsoft’s speech recognition software. Continue reading