Seventh meet of the Truro Graphic Novel Group is this Thursday

Calling all comics, manga and graphics fans!

That’s right, ladies and gents, the seventh meeting of the TGNG is this Thursday in Truro Community Library. Resident comics affinado Tim Hart will be giving a lively presentation on Judge Dredd. Rumour has it that Thursday may also be his Birthday, so how merry he’ll be before and during the presentation starts will be anyone’s guess.

Actually, it should be a pretty good presentation as it will also be looking at 2000 AD a bit in order to offer some context. Plus, Tim plans on mentioning the ’90s film and the one that’s currently in production. We’ll be filming the presentation like we did with last month’s, which is still being edited, but should be online this week.

There will also be some chin wagging on what’s happening in the world of comics at the moment. After all, the New 52 from DC has started to come out and from what I’ve heard, it’s all been a bit hit and miss so far. (Batman: Arkham City is out next month and we’ll need to chat about that too.)

Regardless of what stick figures with caption’s and speech balloons you like, we’d love to see you there on Thursday.


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