Second episode of Kill/Screen teaser and stuff

Monday last week saw us all trooping into Loading in Falmouth to film episode 2 of Kill/Screen. I didn’t end up going with the outfit I was thinking of wearing, in the end I went with something a bit less smart.

It took a fair few hours to film and I think I did a naff job of keeping the show together, even though I had been put in charge of links and stuff. Mostly this is because Toby is quite the “showman” and knows how to drive Jamie and me into fits of giggles.

After this second episode, though, I’m really thinking about what we could do differently with the format and I believe this is going to involve studying the “competition” just that a tad more closely. I think part of the problem is how we treat the scripted parts.

The scripted parts of the show only really apply to news, releases and the review. They seem to work with the review, but dealing with the releases and news… I think we need to not be afraid to just have the script there in front of us. So far, we’ve been hiding the scripts, but during this second episode, we’ve let them slip in a bit and I think it works more than the no scripts on screen approach of the first episode. After all, it’s not like we have an auto-cue available.

Anyway, the second episode will be out Thursday this week. For now, check out the teaser below:


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