I don’t get on with platformers (spending some time on Super Mario Galaxy)

A form of torture?

It being Sunday, I haven’t had much on. Staying over Paul’s parents’ place, I remembered that they had a Wii and a copy of Super Mario Galaxy kicking about. I’ve only ever watched Paul play it at home.

Thing is, despite the game coming out almost four years ago, I’ve never felt compelled to play it. Platformers tend to do nothing for me. I rarely find them interesting and the whole challenging my ability to play a game isn’t something that I find very appealing. Also, due to it being like pretty much every Mario game ever made, there’s hardly any story to it, and being the kind of person that plays most games for story means that the franchise tends not to be of much interest to me. (And yeah, I know that you don’t tend to go to Mario games for story.)

Super Paper Mario - the exception.

Yet I do love one Mario game – Super Paper Mario. This mainly boils down to the fact that the game plays with and sends up mainstays from the Mario franchise. The characters also have more personality than they do in the other games and there’s a reasonable level of plot going on. It’s still a platformer of sorts, but it’s one of the few that I’ve ever been able to connect with.

I’m not going to complete Super Mario Galaxy this weekend. I might come back to it the next time I’m staying over. I’ve just been playing it to pass the time and finding that it really isn’t my sort of thing. However, I did spot this:

One of the most dodgy things I've encountered in the game so far.

Now that’s dodgy.


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