Have had to cancel the wedding

No, my ring isn't that flashy

Please (those who know us) don’t panic. But, Paul and I have decided to cancel our wedding that we were planning on having in July next year. We’re still together and all that stuff, but we’ve decided that there are far more important things that we could be saving towards. And there are far less stressful things we could allow our minds to think about in the wee hours of Wednesday morning.

I’ve contacted the venue and we’re currently in the process of getting our deposit back. Hopefully there shouldn’t be any problems with trying to get the money back as we were well within the time allowed for cancellations.

The crazy part was that we weren’t planning on having an expensive wedding, it’s just that we earn so little between us that we’ve realised that there are more important things we could spend the money on. Things like moving and buying a field mixer, radio mics and other technical stuff for filmmaking.

Also being able to afford to attend conventions and film festivals next year would be a plus.


2 thoughts on “Have had to cancel the wedding

  1. Probably better to be wed when we have our own place anyway. It’s not a major setback – we still would have kept our original names, and we still plan on doing a film themed wedding when it does happen – it’s just the time is not right.

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