Enjoying videogames that you suck at – so far on NHL 12

Not a review, just some thoughts...

I don’t play sports games very often. The closest I get is when I have a go on racing games and that doesn’t happen on too frequent a basis. So, jumping on NHL 12 for a Kill/Screen review was maybe a little insane, but I like ice hockey in a sort of “it’s exotic” kind of way.

However, it has become quite apparent from playing the game that I’m all thumbs, so to speak. As I’ve mused over at I queue for tea, I’ve been finding it quite enjoyable playing a game that I’m sucking at. This is a strange occurrence and I’m having difficulty remembering the last time that such a thing happened to me. I’m not sure if it ever has.

So far I’ve only had a good go at the basic play mode where you just pick a team and get straight into playing, no league stuff whatsoever. I’ve only touched the surface and I feel like I’m having fun, but I know what’s holding me back.

After finally gleaming an idea of the rules from when I seemed to end up with offside warnings, I realised that the controls for the game have been stopping me from really getting anywhere. As a newbie to the franchise, I’m not finding them very intuitive. This situation has arisen after plodding through plenty of the tutorials and reading through the in-game manual. There’s a great deal to remember.

I’ll be dwelling on this and more when I film my review of the game later this coming week or so.


2 thoughts on “Enjoying videogames that you suck at – so far on NHL 12

  1. I eventually turned off the fancy controls and went back to the Mega Drive setup I was used to with NHL 97. This was with NFL 2011 by the way. I had much more fun with a simple button for pass, etc. than having full control over the man and puck.

    • The thing is, I’m beginning to get the hang of things with the Default set-up… though I may revert back to the NHL 94 controls that I could play by.

      This evening saw me win my first game. I’ve been playing it on-and-off since Friday and am reviewing it on camera tomorrow >_<

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