So, Are you okay, Are you okay, Annie?

I'm okay, honest.

I’ve had a pretty reasonable past week. Been pretty damn fun. Okay, today has been rather exhausting as I’ve been putting myself and We Dance through its paces for a review that I’m writing for BeefJack. But there’s been one question that I’ve been asked a hell of a lot this past week:

“Are you okay Emily?”

Well, am I? The thing is, I am currently actively trying to shed some weight through being a bit more careful about what I eat and exercising more. This has been going on for about a month and over the past week I’ve had comments from a few people. These comments include two guys – that know me quite well – saying that I seem thinner after they asked if I was okay and I asked why they were asking me.

And so let me get this out there and in the world: yes I’m eating three meals a day, but I also happen to be putting in some exercise during each week as well. And to those who ask whether I need to bring my weight down: yes I do, for despite starting to lose weight a few years ago, I’m still not near the a reasonable weight for my height and my GP and I have agreed as much.

“Yes, I’m okay.”

Alright, and every time someone has asked me if I am okay, Smooth Criminal has begun playing through my head. So let me leave you with my own interior intertextuality:


One thought on “So, Are you okay, Are you okay, Annie?

  1. I have to say, if you’re replaying Smooth Criminal in your head, then that’s at least a good track…

    Makes me think though, would Yoda say “You are Annie, Okay?” Instead of “Are you okay, Annie?”… That would be funny.

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