Starting to plan episode 2 of Kill/Screen – but what the hell will I wear?

Work starts this week on putting together episode 2

Tomorrow will see Jamie, Toby, Jon and me troop over to Loading in Falmouth tomorrow afternoon and discuss how we’re going to brainwash people via YouTube. Sure my mind will be on what stuff we can discuss and do during the second episode, but my mind will be dwelling on one important issue…

What the bloody hell should I wear during the second episode?

Okay, okay so Jon has managed to get some stuff covered, as he did post earlier that:

But this does not solve my clothing issue. I really don’t want to wear the skirt and leggings that I wore for the first episode and certainly not the same t-shirt, yet it’s one of the few none-black t-shirts that I own.

But, I am tempted to wear this dress (and please excuse the following, slightly out of focus images):

Originally bought to be worn at a cousin's wedding.

With this denim jacket:

It fits me, though it is short in the arms.

So it looks a little something like this:

How '90s of me...

There will be a pair of black leggings worn underneath, paired up with some boots I’ve got. Though it all seems rather smart, but then I don’t dress like a “geek” all the time anyway and it’s an outfit that I feel comfortable in.

‘Course if we film the next episode in the same spot in Loading that we filmed the first, then maybe I can get away with wearing a black t-shirt and a pair of jeans. See, I have plenty of t-shirts, it’s just that most of them are black and originally we were going to be filmed against a black wall in Loading, which meant that we didn’t want the presenters in black in case they kind of disappeared into the background.

But if we film against the wall used in episode one, as seen in the video above, then I could get away with a black t-shirt and some jeans and not feel like I was being pretentious in any way or form…

Damnit, I just want to wear a black t-shirt and some jeans.

And just so you know, Kill/Screen is on Facebook too.


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