Experimenting on boats (smartphone photography and editing)

Taken and edited on my HTC Wildfire

Yesterday saw me take a trip down the coast from Falmouth (in Cornwall) to the mouth of the Helford River. I was with family, including Paul. So, a perfect opportunity to test out the limits of PicSay Pro on my HTC Wildfire that runs on Android as well as the 3G connection whilst part way out to sea.

Whilst I took several photos and added amusing captions to them, the one above I decided to turn into something a bit more traditional. Paul took the shot and then I set to work on editing it once we’d reached dry land (I wasn’t on my phone the entire trip, I did want to see what we were going past).

Once I was in a situation where editing wouldn’t distract me, (i.e. waiting for the train home), I set to work. Now, because I wanted to upload the image online, I went for the mid-size setting on PicSay. Then it was a case of looking through the effects that it had available. In order to create the above image I used the app’s Grayscale Effect, set to 100% and the Vignette Frame, again set quite high.

Despite editing it in the app like I did, I think the main thing that makes the image work to any real degree is that the shot Paul took obeys the rule of thirds to an extent. If I had been centered then the image wouldn’t work so well. Also, the lines are interesting, helping to draw your eye away from me.

But what do I know? I’ve never studied photography in my life. Mind you, I think I spent about as much time editing this on my phone as I would have done on something like Photoshop.


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