A few thoughts on what I have played of Deus Ex: Human Revolution so far

Why, hello...

So, I’ve had Deus Ex: Human Revolution since launch. I’ve played a bit of it. I haven’t completed it yet, as I have been a busy lady in terms of mixing with my social circles this past week. But I have loved what I have played so far.

In case you missed it, I played a bit on the original Deus Ex a few weeks ago. I really, really enjoyed being super sneaky in it and that is how I’ve been trying to play this new prequel. ‘Cause super, super sneaky is super, super ace.

However, this time round I am playing on my Xbox 360. Why didn’t I get a PC version? Apart from not having a PC that could run it, my main reason is the controls. I hate playing most genres of game on the PC. Keyboard and mouse rarely cut it for me and due to bad experiences with PC joypads over the years, I can’t even be bothered to try and configure one on the PCs I do have access to.

Playing the original Deus Ex on my laptop’s keyboard has led to nothing but painful feeling digits. And maybe the game buying public of the UK had similar feelings: the Xbox 360 version of the prequel sold the most copies on the game’s launch out of the three formats it was released on.

But my thoughts on the game so far…

A friend, Mr Toby Ellis, recently observed on Kill/Screen a lot of stuff to do with Deus Ex: Human Revolution. One particular comment has stuck with me: Orange. So many of the colours used are derived from the colour orange. It’s like someone has an orange soda addiction who happened to be on the game’s design staff. I’m cool with this, but it’s making me rethink the whole need for the colour orange in actual reality.

Otherwise, I’m just glad that I can play the game how I want to play it. I love sneaking and being stealthy in games, I really, really do. Sure I could go in guns blazing, but that ain’t my style and so far I have’t killed a single person other than one of the bosses, who you have to kill.

Sneaky, sneaky, stealth, stealth – yep, I love just creeping past people, or using non-lethal take downs on them in order to incapacitate them. Alright, and occasionally my Stun Gun does get used.

The most important thing is that I haven’t killed anyone yet that I don’t have to kill. This is important. It’s also important that you play this game sometime.

Alright, if you want to hear some real review type stuff about this game, then watch episode one of Kill/Screen. Enjoy:

(And yeah, the woman in the video is me.)


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