Oh gawd, I played Magic: the Gathering today


As the title suggests, I’ve been dabbling Magic: the Gathering today. Having ranted a couple of months back about the game, there’s something I forgot to mention:

I have two Ravnica decks, from when the series was still tournament legal. I have a red and white deck that’s all about hitting things and the other deck is a red and blue deck that’s a bit more about control.

Today I played more than seven games, using mostly my red and white deck as I didn’t have the patience to relearn my red and blue deck. I hadn’t played Magic for at least four years, until today…

I only won three games and that was partly because one opponent’s deck had been knocked together in a rather hodge podge manner from a new starter deck and a bunch of boosters today. Yet did this experience make me want to buy new cards?

Not really. I don’t plan on entering any tournaments anytime soon.

But it did make me want to play with my old Yu-Gi-Oh! decks. I’ve got a fairy deck and a magician deck that happen to be very cute. Sadly none of the friends I was with today play Yu-Gi-Oh! However, I wouldn’t want to play against current cards in that and most of mine are probably banned these days anyway…


And yes, we were playing in a pub.


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