Kill/Screen episode 2 is now live and the Arkham City spoiler issue

The second episode is now live on YouTube. I think I feel a little better about it than the first one. Still, I’m trying to think of ways we could make it better, as I discussed in an earlier blog post.

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Seventh meet of the Truro Graphic Novel Group is this Thursday

Calling all comics, manga and graphics fans!

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Second episode of Kill/Screen teaser and stuff

Monday last week saw us all trooping into Loading in Falmouth to film episode 2 of Kill/Screen. I didn’t end up going with the outfit I was thinking of wearing, in the end I went with something a bit less smart. Continue reading

I may have issues with fans of the Game of Thrones TV series who haven’t read any of the Song of Ice and Fire the novels…


As the title may suggest, maybe, just maybe, I’ve got a problem with people who have suddenly become fans of Game of Thrones since the HBO version of the novels began airing. If they’ve gone on to read the novels, then I have no qualms with them.


I don’t get on with platformers (spending some time on Super Mario Galaxy)

A form of torture?

It being Sunday, I haven’t had much on. Staying over Paul’s parents’ place, I remembered that they had a Wii and a copy of Super Mario Galaxy kicking about. I’ve only ever watched Paul play it at home.

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