Looking up at the stars

A snapshot of the night's sky on Saturday night, wish I had had a tripod on me.

On Saturday I went to a barbecue/barbeque at a friend’s home. Their house is situated in the middle of the Cornish countryside. The kind of place where, when night falls, you can see so many, many stars on a clear to semi-cloud free night.

From my end of the county, I also have a good view of the night sky when it isn’t cloudy. Yet one of my friends at the gathering, who lives in Plymouth, sadly noted how he wouldn’t be able to see the stars if he was back at his home.

I know that some local authorities in the UK have been looking to turn off street lights in order to save money, which I think is a bad idea in terms of safety and keeping burglaries and other crimes low. However, at the same time I want to see the night sky – I want everyone to be able to see the night sky. There’s also evidence to suggest that the light pollution that swallows up our night skies isn’t doing much for the well being of many different animal, bird and insect species.

At this stage I kind of want a solution to be found in technology, but I think local authorities will just turn lights off instead.


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