There are days when I really can’t deal with “fanboys” and this is one of those days

Yes, there are days that I wish I could Hulk out...

The past day has seen me cringe inwardly a great deal. If you study the image above, and happen to be a reasonable human being, perhaps you’ll understand why. I’m getting fed up with people who like comics/films/videogames/novels and who happen to act like this when a franchise is taken in a new direction.

This kind of reaction goes beyond the usual fanboy moans over how the ending of Watchmen in the film was changed from the ending in the original comic. I’m someone who liked the change, because it made more sense and worked far better in terms of narrative structure.

To the topic at hand: it’s not that Marvel are going out of their way to upset fans either. The new Spider-Man in the Ultimate universe will ultimately be a great boon for the readers and potential readers in the US who are Afro-American, Hispanic or of similar ethnic backgrounds – and there are a lot of readers in the US who are.

The reasons behind there being a lot of white male comic book characters is because in the past anything else wasn’t really acceptable, due to racism and sexism. Whilst attempts are made to make female comic book characters something other than eye candy, male characters need to evolve with the times too.

The new Spidey isn’t Peter Parker. He has his own name and background. His name is Miles Morales and so long as he’s in the hands of decent writers and artists – he will kick ass.

Now I’m just waiting for a few long running characters to be written as gay and then I can really laugh my ass off at fanboys.


Did not know this had happened, made me smile.


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