Predicting events in fictional texts – a pain in the ass

I'm loving watching the fourth season, but...

When I haven’t been playing the original Deus Ex or replaying Batman: Arkham Asylum lately, I’ve been watching one of my Birthday presents: the fourth season of Dexter. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying it, but there has been one issue…

It’s probably one of the side effects of trying to write fiction, but automatically guessing major plot points in a TV series, film, novel, graphic novel/comic or videogame, because you know that the “stakes” need to be raised – it’s a pain. Why? It’s not like I go out of my way to second guess the writers, but I can’t seem to turn off that part of my brain that’s constantly thinking plots over.

I think I need some kind of way to sort of switch off parts of my brain using some kind of media friendly meditation. The predicting stuff does impact on my enjoyment a little.

The only stuff I don’t have a problem with is where the narrative introduces deus ex machina into the mix or red herrings, but then stuff that using those techniques is (arguably) not that well written in the first place. Just sayin’.


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