Using technology to get back into cycling and being attacked by squirrels

One day, the bike car catapult that defies the laws of physics, will be reality...

This week has seen me taking to local roads once more via the bike I was given last year. Having been waiting for the summer to actually happen in order to feel compelled to hit the local roads and odd cycle path, this week I gave up on waiting for the summer to happen.

With a devil may care attitude, Friday saw me dressed in my biking gear – with helmet – putting my travel kit in my bum bag together (Epi pen, antihistamine tablets, keys, smartphone (a HTC Wildfire running on Android), gluco tablets, tissues and a tin pot of Vaseline), and I slapped a bottle filled with water on the holder I recently installed – with Paul’s help – on my bike. And there was one other new thing to help keep me motivated…

I’ve started using (having tried the free version first) Endomondo Pro on my HTC. I may not have it hooked up to loads of monitoring devices, but the GPS tracking is really handy. I like how the app records where I’ve been cycling, distance travelled, speed and how many calories I’ve burned. While it’s not the only app for this sort of thing out there, I’m liking the social functions it has set up (sharing work out data, competing with others), though I’ll admit that I don’t have any friends on there yet (but I’m here if you want to send me a request).

Due to the log that it creates of my activities, Endomondo has been really encouraging for me. I like being able to keep track of how much I’ve been working out so that I can decide whether to take things a little easier or to push myself further and due to the DIY nature of the routes that I cycle I like being able to keep track of where I’ve cycled.

An unexpected occurrence with my sojourns into the countryside that surrounds my home is that I’ve been “rudely” interrupted by groups of rather fuzzy individuals on two occasions, today I managed to capture a photo of one of the perpetrators:

Thankfully I wear a helmet, otherwise I wouldn’t be taking the throwing of partially eaten nuts at my head with the grace that I have managed. I won’t let the little buggers put me off cycling though.

Tomorrow I’ll be busy filming KillScreen, so probably won’t get a chance to go out on my bike, however Paul has sorted out the living room so that I can begin to use one of my Birthday presents from last month: WiiFit Plus. So, I’ll be testing it out later and start using it properly tomorrow. Ah, the wonders of technology.


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