Stuff I’ve liked about the original Deus Ex whilst giving it a go

I don't play games on my PC much, but...

Having put in about twenty hours, now, into the original Deus Ex as part of background research for the filming of the first episode of Kill Screen, there have been a fair few things that I’ve liked about this cult classic. I’m nowhere near the end, about half-way through as it stands, yet there has been plenty to like about the game so far.

Yes, that’s right, until this past month or so I had never played the original game. What with the first episode of KillScreen having a heavy focus on the upcoming Deus Ex: Human Revolution, I thought I better have a go at the original.

While I can see the twists in the plot coming from a mile off – which I’m cool with, because if you’d played, watched and read as much dystopian SF and cyberpunk as I have it is hard to be surprised by a game like this – the game has this lovely coziness to it, which I like. And what else has been intriguing me?

High on Zyme...

I like how you can become intoxicated from consuming things like Zyme, Deus Ex’s street drug of choice. It’s a level of freedom that I haven’t felt in a contemporary game for quite some time. Beyond narcotics, I liked how I could give some starving kids packets of Soy food in order to persuade them to give JC Denton useful info.

1997 Club anyone?

Then there’s touches like the code of a triad gang’s compound in Hong Kong being 1997, and if you don’t get the reference there – you need to go back to school. Oh, and the tonnes of literary references made in books throughout the game’s world.

In all it gives me big hopes for Human Revolution, which has already been receiving highly praising reviews. I pre-ordered it last Thursday. Tomorrow I’ll be listening in on Toby Ellis explaining why he loves the game, having already glanced through his part of the script for episode one of KillScreen I think I understand why he’s fallen in love with it.

I might give the original game a few more hours later this evening, depending on how I feel.


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