Filming of the first episode of KillScreen to take place on Monday

Why, hello...

I’m a little bit nervous about Monday. Okay, make that quite nervous. I’m sure I’ll be fine, but I haven’t been in front of a film camera for quite some time.

Monday will see Jamie Trotter, Toby Ellis and me sit in front of a camera being controlled by Jon of Icarus Films. Thankfully we’re filming in the familiar territory of Loading in Falmouth.

As I’ve previously mentioned, we’ll be talking about Deus Ex: Human Revolution. I’ve already got the game on pre-order, but one of the team has been getting close and personal with a preview copy.

Yet, we’re also going to be talking about much more, and it’s going to be interesting having our banter caught on camera as we bounce ideas and views off of each other. And there’s a script. It’s not so much lines to learn, more the order things are going to go.

We’ll also be launching a competition, which I’ll be saying a piece for. Of course I’ll make sure I link to the video and stuff once it’s all done.

Another thing I need to do is choose a non-black t-shirt to wear for the episode. Why not black? We’ll be filming against a black backdrop.


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