I can’t handle any more of this particular Facebook status on the riots


The above screen grab, taken from one of half-a-dozen such copy and paste updates that have appeared on my Facebook feed over the last day or so is really beginning to bug me. While I believe that what the rioters in London, Manchester and Birmingham are doing is simply wrong, drawing any line connecting them and the situation of the UK armed forces is also wrong.

To put it one way: it belittles the work of the armed forces to think that the kind of people who think it’s okay to loot, smash and burn would be suitable for a job that demands so much of a person than just being there.

It also misses the point that the war in Afghanistan is one that our government chose to involve our country in. It’s a completely different ball game to having the likes of Germany knocking on your front door.

And it’s also a statement that shows a lack of desire or ability to understand that for every effect there is a cause and vice versa. Stuff like this doesn’t just happen out of nowhere, as has been brilliantly shown by Camila Batmanghelidjh over at the Independent.

In comparison, my Twitter feed has been filled with more rational responses to the whole situation. Probably because a fair few of the people on my feed live and/or work in the areas affected.