Britpop invasion on my playlist while I’m writing

Didn't really listen to this lot the first time round.

In the hunt for something substantial for Habitual Films to look in to sorting out over the next twelve months, I had a look at one of my ideas/concepts notebooks and noticed a vampire film idea that I’d jotted down a few weeks back. Paul and I have recently acknowledged that one of the things that stands in the way of the group maybe going a bit further is having a large, yet manageable, project to work on.

So, after writing up a synopsis of the idea last night, I’m working on an outline today for a feature film that features a Britpop and post Britpop loving vampire who likes making bloody smoothies. There’s a few more details about Elijah that go beyond his culinary and musical tastes, but I’m not happy about discussing them in too much detail here.

The thing is, rather than allowing my imagination to run away with me too much, I’m trying to put something together that Habitual could feasibly film on little to no budget. And with only two main characters and a couple of extras, it’s looking pretty feasible.

Meanwhile, it’s giving me a great excuse to break out some Blur, Oasis, Pulp and Stereophonics on my music player whilst I type.


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