Dealing with the trials and tribulations of an editor in training

Persistence is vital.

These past couple of weeks, my partner, husband to be, editor in training and all round awesome guy – Paul Blewitt – has been working on a fan music video. Edgar Wright threw down the gauntlet and asked fans to put together a video based on the film and a remix track that had been put together for the one year anniversary of the film adaptation of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.

Last weekend, it almost looked like the project to edit his version of a music video would be completely doomed. His editing PC decided to try and die on him. Paul could only waste a couple of days trying to reinstall the system, deactivating and reactivating his AVID Media Composer 5 suite as well as getting his bins back online before trying to enter the competition would become pointless.

Thankfully, through a combination from advice from a tech savvy friend, online research and a very helpful member of AVID’s support staff, Paul managed to get his system working again. In between shifts at work, Paul has dedicated almost all his free time these last few days to get the video done.

This morning I helped him upload the video to YouTube as he rushed back off to his day job. I think you’ll agree with me that despite all the crap he had to go through in order to out it together – it was worth the effort.


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