Cornwall’s media circus has gone into overdrive over Brad Pitt and World War Z and I feel the need to lay a spike trap

Ummmm, brains...

So, with the filming of World War Z commencing, on some tatty old ship anchored off of Falmouth, the media frenzy has well and truly began. Now, it was bad enough in the week running up to the casting call for extras, but this week has seen local media outlets surpass themselves.

Warning: this blog post is so full of rantiness that your eyes may bleed. You have been warned.

Basically, if I was to bring some kind of metaphor into all this: local media outlets have been acting like embarrassing parents in front of the cool kids that you really, really hope will some day hang out with you even though they’ve just seen your parents slobbering, foaming at the mouth and maybe even wetting the carpet – and doing all that when there’s really nothing wrong with them except for a lack of forethought… and deep down you hope that your parents didn’t intentionally embarrass you and were maybe a bit hammered on fudge knows what.

After all, how else do you explain crap like this:

Stop it, you're embarrassing us. (Yes, the stuff in pink was me.)

Right, so because Brad Pitt is quite possibly in the county to either oversee or star in some of the filming that is taking place, the main commercial radio station in Cornwall, Pirate FM, has seen fit to offer a reward of £500 for whoever manages to get Brad Pitt on the phone to the station. They’re encouraging stalking for money. Well fecking done.

But that isn’t the part that has annoyed me the most. No, it was when I heard on the radio that a news crew from The Westcountry Tonight had been told by security for the set to stop filming the set from the water. The crew seemed puzzled by this. The fact that most production companies like to keep their sets secret, unless they’re releasing small smidgets of photographic material to select arms of the press – seemed to pass by the news crew that was flitting about the docks on a boat. You can view The Westcountry Tonight embarrassing the county here.

(Hint to news crew: even the extras aren’t allowed to take photos of the set.)

Now, why does any of this piss me off? It’s down to the fact that Cornwall needs the British and International film and television industries to want to keep filming in the county. Brad Pitt isn’t just starring in World War Z, his production company Plan B Entertainment are the ones making the film. To me, the kind of behaviour that the above media outlets are engaging in has far too much potential to rub involved parties up the wrong way, which in turn could lead to them saying to their contacts and connections in the industry to not come and film in Cornwall anymore, which would be disastrous for the county.

My spike trap in all this? Just this plea: have some bloody forethought in regards to how you go about getting your listening/viewing figures, you idiots!


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