My top 20 favourite games of all time

Look behind you Leon!

This past week has seen BeefJack release the list of which 100 games the site’s contributors have said are their absolute favourites. Part 1 came out on Monday and part 2 on Tuesday. The list was compiled by getting us contributors to each put forward our top 20 games in order of preference.

Last week was when we submitted our top 20s to Lewis in order for him to work some kind of mathematical mojo on the entries in order to create the list. One of the site contributors, Sinan Kubba, posted his up earlier last week on his blog and he was quickly followed by Jennifer Allen (who sneaked in 25) and Marco Fiori.

Now, like Sinan, I was one of the people who influenced BeefJack’s 100 and so I figured that I might as well come clean with what I voted for…

20. Second Sight (PS2, 2004)
19. Devil May Cry 3 (PS2, 2005)
18. Just Dance (Wii, 2009)
17. Pokémon Blue/Red (Game Boy, 1999)
16. Fallout 3 (Xbox 360, 2008)
15. Team Fortress 2 (PC, 2007)
14. Dead Space (Xbox 360, 2008)
13. Final Fantasy VIII (PSOne, 1999)
12. Perfect Dark (N64, 2000)
11. The Sims (PC, 2000)
10. Elderscrolls III: Morrowind (PC, 2002)
09. The Darkness (Xbox 360, 2007)
08. Conker's Bad Fur Day (N64, 2001)
07. Mass Effect 2 (Xbox 360, 2010)
06. Half-Life 2 (Xbox 360, 2007)
05. Batman: Arkham Asylum (Xbox 360, 2009)
04. Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem (GameCube, 2002)
03. Left 4 Dead (Xbox 360, 2008)
02. Final Fantasy VII (PSOne, 1997)
01. Resident Evil 4 (Wii, 2007)

In retrospect, I kind of wish that I had put Deadly Premonition (Xbox 360, 2010) in the place that I’ve got Just Dance and had left Just Dance off the list. However, when you try to come with a list of your top games off the top of your head in a short period of time… it can be really difficult to get anything coherent down.

The list above also needs to be considered that these games are favourites of mine – they may not be the best ever in some cases, but they’re ones that I’ve invested a lot of time in playing and replay every so often. These are games that I keep coming back to. And also consider that I only started playing videogames in 1999 – when my parents finally allowed me have my first “console”… a Nintendo Game Boy Color with a cartridge of Pokémon Blue.


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