Why have I been playing Deus Ex today?

I don't play games on my PC much, but...

Today saw me undertaking some research, because yesterday I was part of a meeting to sort out a web based show on videogames that Icarus Films (UK) are putting together. The first episode of KillScreen is being filmed on 15th August and it’s going to have a heavy focus on the upcoming Deus Ex: Revolution, because it’s the biggest release this month.

Of course, with such an iconic series it helps to have had a dabble in the games that came before. So, I booted up Steam today and started going through the first game, Deus Ex, which Paul bought for me last year. Eleven years old now, the game obviously doesn’t have the most superb of graphics, but that doesn’t make it any less exciting to play.

So far I’ve only completed the first mission and gone a little way into the second. I was horrified when, having not killed any of the terrorists who had overrun the Statue of Liberty, the organisation I’m with went and slaughtered all the still conscious terrorists. The whole¬†conspiracy¬†driven plot works well and feeds off of some the most well loved aspects of cyberpunk.

I’m certainly planning on picking up Human Revolution when it’s released this month, though I’ll be getting it for my Xbox 360. I don’t have a PC that could run it.

I suspect that this won’t be the last post on the original games.


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