Looking up at the stars

A snapshot of the night's sky on Saturday night, wish I had had a tripod on me.

On Saturday I went to a barbecue/barbeque at a friend’s home. Their house is situated in the middle of the Cornish countryside. The kind of place where, when night falls, you can see so many, many stars on a clear to semi-cloud free night.

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The Crows – Part 2

Fleeting contact...

Stop – have you read The Crows – Part 1 yet?

I contemplated getting back on my bike and hastily pedalling back home as the silence pressed in on me. Suddenly a reassuring rustle on my left gave way to the sight of a tiny robin hopping onto a branch and turning its beady eyes towards me. Continue reading

The Crows – Part 1

It's too quiet...

I’d hardly slept the night before. Rain had hounded the conservatory roof, which was directly under my bedroom window. Each bullet of water had driven through my vague attempts at dreams as they bounced off the corrugated plastic and spilled into the gutter below, creating a stream that continued to trickle as the sun finally managed to wrestle in the morning. Continue reading

Steam Engine Rallies and feeling a bit steampunk

A Trevithick engine at the West of England Steam Engine Society Rally

On Friday I attended the West of England Steam Engine Society Rally at Stithians Showground, Cornwall. It was one of the few opportunities I had this summer to spend time with my two Brothers and my Dad. Being surrounded by all the old machines though, I couldn’t help but begin to feel a little steampunk.

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There are days when I really can’t deal with “fanboys” and this is one of those days

Yes, there are days that I wish I could Hulk out...

The past day has seen me cringe inwardly a great deal. If you study the image above, and happen to be a reasonable human being, perhaps you’ll understand why. I’m getting fed up with people who like comics/films/videogames/novels and who happen to act like this when a franchise is taken in a new direction.

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