Using dreams as inspiration whilst working on Displaced

Cindy (I've said before that I can't draw)...

I’ve talked before about Displaced invading my dreams, well last night it kinda happened again, but it wasn’t as scary as last time. This week has seen me complete the fourth draft of the first part of Displaced. In having to sure up an ending/cliff-hanger for the first part (I’ve had to split the third draft in two, for all intents and purposes), it’s meant that I’ve had to write new material to go with the two parts.

Now working on the second part, last night I had a dream about a scene that I wanted to extend on as I deal with it being split from the first part. And now I’m using imagery from the dream in order to work on the representation of Billy being extracted from Cindy. Rather than hinting at the alien presence that is also there, I’ve decided that the scene needed to offer a glimpse to the reader of the alien being that is also a part of Cindy.

‘Course I’ve described it in the script in the most freakish way that my brain decided to show me it and I’m hoping that it translates well to the drawn panel. I like the idea of making my audience squirm.

Yet before I could start working on extending the scene in question, I made a note of the key parts of the dream after I woke up this morning. So, the lesson for today: always keep a notebook handy.


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