What Would Charlie Sheen Do? – the Jonnie Marbles incident revisited in my head, in an alternate reality

Paul snapped this of me earlier this morning.

My hair was a little crazy whilst I was in the middle of getting dressed-drying my hair this morning. And I hadn’t drunk any coffee yet. Paul and I were, at the time, chatting about the now infamous shaving foam “pie” incident of yesterday in which Rupert Murdoch got only a fraction of what should really be heading his way:

Then Paul saw my t-shirt and we suddenly started wondering about what Charlie Sheen would have done had he been in the committee meeting yesterday discussing how much senior figures of News International knew about what was going on at the News of the World and elsewhere. What follows is a rendering of a pre-coffee conversation.

The general consensus between Paul and I was there would have been a pie-less scene involving Charlie Sheen suddenly striding over to Murdoch – Sheen high on the Tiger’s Blood – whilst waving a machete around, yet all attending (including security) being so surprised by what is happening that it would have taken them a while to react. Sheen wouldn’t have actually done anything, but the scene would have been enough to cause Murdoch senior to have pissed and shat himself within a matter of nano seconds.

I also suspect that Wendi Deng would have then run off with Mr Sheen, but this is all a theory at this point. Though I’m pretty sure there is an alternate reality where this version of yesterday’s events did play out.

At the end of the day, the lesson here is that people shouldn’t discuss vaguely important political events prior to having their first caffeine dose of the day. And I’m in support of what Jonnie Marbles did.


2 thoughts on “What Would Charlie Sheen Do? – the Jonnie Marbles incident revisited in my head, in an alternate reality

  1. I’m in support in principle but it was a stupid time to do it as it led people to feel sorry for Murdoch where they shouldn’t. When someone has enough rope to hand themselves don’t go rushing in with Charlie Sheen’s machete.

    • What was really bad was when I talked to my Mum about the hearing, earlier this morning, and had to explain to her that Murdoch senior isn’t a doddery old man, but a sociopath that’s trying to take over the world. I think I got there in the end.

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