Tips for World War Z extras casting in Cornwall this weekend

Filming will eventually happen somewhere in the vicinity of Falmouth Docks

So, you want to put yourself forward in the casting call for World War Z extras like I’ve done today? Brilliant. Okay, here’s some info to help you out, and yes you do need to be over 16 years old in order to take part:

  1. Casting is happening up until 5pm today, but they’re meant to be running it again from 10am until 5pm tomorrow as well.
  2. Mad Dog Casting are the company in charge of sorting through the people who want to be extras (they need about 500 people).
  3. If you’re interested in putting yourself forward, make sure that you register on Mad Dog before 5pm Monday (16th July) – that’s right you can turn up today or tomorrow without having done this, but you must register on their website and you will need a photograph of yourself as exampled on their site.
  4. The casting call is taking place at the gym at Truro School (see map below).
  5. Make sure you have your National Insurance number on you as you will need this in order to fill out a form and agreement that you’re given at the gym.
  6. They are not looking for extras to be zombies – they’re after people to play refugees and other people to play members of a military organisation. If you have any military, or emergency services experience they are particularly interested in you.
  7. If you know anyone who isn’t white and are eligible to work in the UK, encourage them to go for this as they want a good mix of ethnicities for filming.
  8. The time commitment involved is more than a week, from something like the 3rd August to the 14th. There will be early starts and late finishes – don’t bother going for this if you can’t commit.
  9. When you go to Truro School, you’ll be asked to fill out a form, and then be measured up and have your photograph taken – the whole process takes no more than an hour.
  10. Mad Dog have put up a lot of advice sheets around the gym, read one when you get the chance in order to understand what is expected of you.
  11. Read the terms and conditions through on the back of the form carefully – remember that you won’t be able to take photos on set or talk about the filming on blogs or other social media should you be picked and you are legally signing the form to say that you agree to not break these terms and conditions.
  12. Mad Dog will be taking a 15% commission from what the film’s production company pays you, should you be picked.
  13. There are rows of seats set up for people to sit on and wait for their turn to be measured and photographed. Move foward to the next row when seats become available.
  14. Mad Dog plans to contact applicants within 2 weeks of this weekend if they have been successful in being cast in the film as an extra. They will not be contacting you to say that you have not been successful.
  15. Guys, you need to be prepared to decide whether or not you’re happy with having your hair and facial hair cut. Ladies – if you drastically change your hairdo after the casting photos you will need to tell Mad Dog that you have done so.

That’s all the advice that I have. Here’s the map to the casting location, the gym is located at the top of the school’s site:


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