I’m a little nervous about World War Z extras casting tomorrow

The e-mail from the casting agency that I got yesterday.

Y’know that crazy thing I decided to do this week, with the whole putting myself forward to see if I could be an extra in World War Z? Well, yesterday I got an e-mail back that basically told me in the subtext that I hadn’t failed at using a computer and a camera (had to send them a photo along with the online application). That is how I read into the whole “look forward to meeting you” part that they put in as a chunk of standard reply text. Tomorrow will see me trooping up to Truro School to see if they want me.

It looks very likely that I would be playing a refugee (one of many) should I be taken on as an extra. But with my acting experience limited and my main major role, previously, playing the part of a sixty year old man with a prostate problem (it was for a Commedia dell’arte piece that I did in college as part of a Theatre Arts unit on the International Baccalaureate) I’m very well aware that my acting experience is limited.

So far I have been concentrating on perfecting a sort of haunted, slightly shell shocked look as befits a person who has witnessed the downfall of humanity*. I know how to act riled up and angry, so if the refugees need to riot I could probably do that. And acting as if I am a zombie is like second nature to me should we end up being part of any kind of fictional outbreak when part of the film is filmed in Falmouth, Cornwall next month.

*I find it very difficult to smile, even at the best of times, this means acting all haunted and sad comes very naturally to me.


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