Getting to grips with L.A. Noire – can’t handle in-game mistakes

L.A. Noire has a pulse, unlike the victim pictured here.

As suspected by me a few weeks ago, Paul did pick up L.A. Noire for someone to give me on my Birthday. I’ve played a couple of cases on Team Bondi’s creation and I think I do really like it. Well, I pretty much dig it.

I have to say that the autosave feature is perhaps a little annoying though. Mainly because it’s forcing you to play the game in way where you have to accept any mistakes that you may make, regardless of how bad they are – unless of course they’re so bad that they cause you to fail a case. Or rather, you have to accept your mistakes or else you’ll have to go back to the start screen and start from an autosave point that could be quite far back to where everything went really wrong.

While the game encourages you to use your detective sleuthing skills to see through the lies of persons of interest and to understand the significance of certain pieces of evidence… I find it hard to do the former compared to the latter. That’s probably ’cause I have a few problems understanding people in real life as it is anyway.

I’ve been trying to avoid using a walkthrough to play through the game, but the draw to use one is slowly growing. I just don’t feel happy with rolling along with any mistakes Phelps may make due to me.

Never before have I realised how much I try to play games perfectly when I go on them. Never…


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