Survived my Birthday – gonna see if I can survive a casting call for extras next

Ummmm, brains...

Today has seen the news emerge that the people behind the upcoming film adaptation of Max Brooks’s War War Z are looking for extras for when they film in Falmouth next month. The try-outs are happening this coming Saturday and Sunday at Truro School.

Apart from sending some info and a photo off to the casting agency involved, which I’m doing later, I’m going to be planning on what to take with me for the day. After all, I suspect it’s going to take them a while to sift through everyone. Here’s what I plan to have with me:

  1. Folding chair.
  2. Drink and food.
  3. Sun lotion or umbrella depending on weather.
  4. Clothing (very important).
  5. A big book.
  6. My handbag.
  7. MP3 player.

Not entirely sure what kind of things the extras will up to. If you’re in, there’s a chance that you’ll have to cut your hair off, which I’m cool with as I don’t mind almost looking like a victim of a terminal illness for a while. My hair grows back pretty quickly. There has been a hint that they’d like people with experience in things like the military or even the RNLI, but that it’s not essential.

If I was chosen to be an extra I would have to cope with filming for a week or so from 6th to 14th August. It would be paid.

Why do I want to be an extra in World War Z? Is it because Mr Brad Pitt might be around and it’s paid? Nope, it’s because it’s a zombie movie.


4 thoughts on “Survived my Birthday – gonna see if I can survive a casting call for extras next

  1. Heh, that sounds pretty cool. Mentioning that you’re a member of the Zombie Defence League (you are a member, right…?) might help too. Good luck with it and if you’re allowed, let us know how it goes.

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