Free-for-all four player Magic takes a bloody long time to get through


Today I have managed to edit two chapters of Displaced. Mostly whilst listening to my friends take on each other at Magic: The Gathering. And one thing I’ve noticed is that while one-on-one can maybe take a while… having four people going against each other sees game time increase more than double a normal game.

It’s insane. I think we’re lucky that the staff in Bunters in Truro put up with this. Though we do still get disapproving looks from some of the older clientele.

As far as I can tell, these epically long games are fueled by sweets picked up cheap at the local Poundland. Obviously liquid refreshment is bought from Bunters.


I think I need a stiff drink now that they’ve finished.

Whilst I enjoy Magic to an extent, a long slog is a long slog. Variety is the spice of life after all. And I’ve got some old cards sitting around somewhere in my house that I plan to never touch ever again.


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