Watching the Death Note anime was one hell of a ride

Light's a bit like Dexter really (though Dexter is kinda more likable).

On Sunday I mentioned that I had started watching Death Note. Sure it’s been out for a few years, but it’s still fresh in the most juiciest of ways. And yes – there will be spoilers, so please do not continue reading this unless you’re cool with spoilers.

As you may be able to tell from the caption above, I could see that there were similarities between the characters of Light Yagami and the character of Dexter Morgan from the television series Dexter. Mainly the desire to punish those who commit evil, but Light is very different from Dexter and in a way – perhaps even scarier.

Light wants to change the world and mould it as he sees fit – a typical megalomaniac. Dexter is just trying to get by with a condition that he acknowledges that he has. Whilst Dexter is fully aware that he’s a sociopath with the needs of a serial killer, Light (regardless of his intelligence) is incapable of seeing how he is as ill as some of the worst criminals that he kills using the Death Note.

In a way, Light is less likable than Dexter. Dexter starts out like Light, trying to fit in as a guise, but over the course of the seasons he comes to a stage where he would like to genuinely fit in with the world around him to a small extent (at least up to where I’ve watched the Dexter TV series). Light, however, never wants to fit in and is determined to make the world fit around him.

Yet despite the above, I actually wanted to see Light triumph at the end of Death Note. Not because I agreed with his vision, but because it would have been interesting to see the “bad guy” win for once.

I’m still unsure how I felt about L’s replacements after he was killed. The series seemed to drive more towards fan service and typical anime tropes after that point, though not enough to bring the overall quality down. I certainly found the character of L mesmerising and was saddened by his death.

Still, a part of me wanted Light to win. It really, really did.


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