Quit with your stupid scam phone calls, no my computer is not infected/coming up with error messages/accidentally gone to the moon – F**K OFF!

Earlier today I had the misfortune of dealing with the another infected/error computer scam call from an Indian call centre. They’ve started picking up again since that first scam call in January. I’ve had two in the last month.

I’m getting fed up with it. What’s annoying is that the reason they’re doing it is because obviously some people they call up do fall for it and end up installing software from these prats, which does absolutely nothing other than cost a bomb – or they end up being convinced to install malware that does some very bad things plus cost them as well.

Personally, I think companies such as Microsoft should run information campaigns explaining that they won’t call you up and ask you do stuff, etc, when you haven’t asked for technical support. The campaigns should be targeted at people who tend to fall for scams: the elderly and (in this case) the less technically savvy.

As to what I’m going to do? Well, this time round I swore down the phone at the man who was on the other end of the line, telling him that I knew this was a scam phone call. So, I’ll stick with that and writing the odd blog blog post about this annoying BS.


Alright, how did I know this time round? Well, this prat who supposedly knew I was having problems with my PC (which I knew that I wasn’t) who tried to sound all knowing – didn’t know that I had my PC on when he asked me to turn it on. Grrrrrr… (P.S. Joe is not that prat, he’s a lovely guy.)


7 thoughts on “Quit with your stupid scam phone calls, no my computer is not infected/coming up with error messages/accidentally gone to the moon – F**K OFF!

  1. Do you think *he* knew it was a scam? There’s every likelihood the callcentre types have just been recruited and are reading from a script. I’d be fascinated to know how “in on it” they are.

    • When you put it like that, yeah it’s unlikely that the call centre guy knew what he was talking about. Still, it means that it makes far more sense for companies – such as MS – to do information campaigns to say that they would never contact people in this way.

  2. Hello guys

    An Indian guy has written the inside story of these people. Each and every detail is there. Check it how they are operating such a big Scam and no one is doing anything about it.

  3. Thought I was going nuts; heard from the same guy with an Indian accent. Claimed to be representing Microsoft and my computer was sending them error messages and I was about to be infected by some bad stuff. Claimed to have my computer license number and wanted to verify it.
    I stopped him right there. Told him I didn’t know who he was and wasn’t giving hin any information.The line went dead. Then I started checking the net and found your web site. Sounds
    like the same scam.

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