Could I write just a normal novel? (Thoughts on self-publishing for Kindle)


That’s the question I’ve been asking myself as I’ve been reading a Twitter acquaintance’s effort via Kindle. I’m still interested in getting Displaced edited and drawn, but I’ve got a novel that I almost finished writing a few years ago that if I took the time to edit and finish writing would probably be just right for going up on the Kindle store.

Like a lot of the ideas that I’ve jotted down over the years, it is an SF idea. Yet going back to the 70,000+ words it stands at and editing it with the literary knowledge and writing skills I have now… I may end up finding myself cringing most of the time.

Still, I’m confident that if I spent a bit of time in the not so far future giving it some TLC… I could persuade people to spend maybe Β£4 – Β£5 on it.

It’s a pretty weird story after all. Weird’s good, right?


2 thoughts on “Could I write just a normal novel? (Thoughts on self-publishing for Kindle)

  1. It is VERY hard going back and reading something you’ve written after several years, especially if you’ve never stopped writing. It’s easy to pick out your weaknesses & all the things you could have done better. It’s a good feeling knowing you’ve gotten better, it’s just scary b/c @ the time you usually felt you were doing a bang-up job πŸ™‚

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