When you go shopping and think about starting your own store


Hot on the heels of the fourth meet of the Truro Graphic Novel Group in Truro Library yesterday, my friends and I got to thinking. And talking. And thinking some more. Shopping. And then talking some more.

As you might be able to tell from the photo, I’ve bought Batman: Cacophony and Batman: Dead to Rights. These are two graphic novels that I easily obtained from the Waterstone’s in Truro. But whilst we were in there…

A feeling stole over the group of friends that I was with. Nay, a desire.

A desire to run our own geeky store. A place that sells comics, graphic novels, collectibles, trading card games, table top games, dice, geeky t-shirts – yet also offers a space to indulge in these things.

Only a few weeks ago I was wondering what it would be like to start my own small publisher… yesterday I was partaking part in a group hallucination about what it would take to start our own geek store.

Before next Thursday I’m meant to be sending an email to those concerned about the things we need to research if we wanted to go through with it. I think my friends and I may be serious.



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